The transition from a military-focussed lifestyle to civilian life can pose different challenges over a number of years for some ex-service personnel, their families and friends.

The self-care strategies and tools on this website are general in nature, so anyone can benefit from them. You get to choose which Areas of your life you want to work on and in which order. Each Area contains a little bit of background information and an Interactive Worksheet that can be used to set goals and apply self-management strategies proven to work.

Areas are accessible from the Menu or from the Topics button while inside an Area. They are also accessible from your own personal Self-Management Plan.

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Would you like to see how you are travelling by completing an Optional Questionnaire? The results will help indicate if you could benefit from professional help beyond what this site can offer.

If you need professional help, please see Helpful Resources for more information or the Support Page in each Area. Helpful Resources also contains links to other websites that you may find useful.

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