How can a ResMed Nasal Pillow Mask Help Treat Your Sleep Disorder?

Nasal Pillow Mask


Do you currently suffer from sleep apnea and other sleep-related disorders? The condition is more common than you think affecting thousands of people all over Australia. Classic symptoms of the problem include considerable difficulty dozing off and abnormal breathing interruptions while sleeping. If you ignore the condition long enough, and you may find yourself in the midst of a significant health problem such as high blood pressure, stroke and heart failure.


Does the situation mentioned above sound a lot like you? If so, then it is about time that you do something about it with a ResMed nasal pillow for her and him. How is this so?


What exactly is a nasal pillow mask?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OAS) is one of the most common forms of sleep disorder. People that suffer from said condition experience a blockage of their upper airways during deep sleep due to the surrounding muscles collapsing with over-relaxation.  They can mitigate such problems by wearing a nasal pillow mask attached to a CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) that forces compressed air through a tube. A nasal pillow mask like the ResMed Airfit P10 in Australia keeps the upper airway open with positive air pressure to prevent any breathing interruptions during deep sleep.


Is it worth it?

You might think it is strange to wear such a contraption whenever you sleep not to mention that it might look uncomfortable which is often not the case. Many nasal pillow masks in the market are so light and comfortable that most people often forget they are wearing one in their sleep.


Another concern that people often have about nasal pillow masks is that the whole setup might be cost-prohibitive which is again not the case. On the contrary, most people who were able to get over their sleep disorders with the help of their CPAP machines would agree that it a small price to pay for a higher quality of sleep and better long term health. The price of a ResMed Airfit P10 can be as little as $199 and come with replaceable Airsense 10 filters. Hence you can expect a good set of nasal pillow mask to serve you well for many years to come and might just be one of the best investment that you can make towards your health.


Of course, finding the right set of nasal pillow masks and CPAP machines are mostly a matter of preference. Before buying one, you can get help from sleep experts at reputable clinics like “Sleep Right” that will often let you try out different kinds of CPAP mask. You can choose the one that feels most comfortable and works better for you.



Get all the help you need to get started with nasal pillow masks and CPAP machines by checking out websites such as that delve into the matter. Only then can you decide whether it is worth spending any amount of time and money on to alleviate your sleeping problem.


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