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Privacy and Confidentiality

The Wellbeing Toolbox is an on-line resource for veterans, former serving members and their families. The wellbeing information and tools are general in nature, so a wide range of people can benefit from them. The website was developed by Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health (ACPMH) funded by DVA.

If you are experiencing considerable distress please consider seeking professional help. You may wish to talk to your GP or contact the VVCS – Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service 1800 011 046 (National).

All information you enter on this site remains anonymous and confidential. Information is encrypted and protected and your e-mail address will not be linked to any personally identifying details. No one will be attempting to track or identify you.

Your information will be held completely confidentially and any personal details, which may identify you in any way, will not be passed to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Your use of this website will not in any way affect your pension, benefits or any health services you are entitled to from DVA.

Use of your information
Once you have registered with this site your e-mail will be used to:

give you your password upon request if you forget it
send occasional e-mail reminders if you set goals with deadlines or if you do not return to the website for a long time.

Other information entered by you on this registration page (username and password) will not be used for any purpose except to allow the technological creation of a unique account for your sole use. For evaluation purposes ACPMH will count how many people have logged in to the site and which pages are used the most, but no individual data will be accessible.

Deactivating your account:
Once you have created an account you can come back at any time and start up where you left off. If at any stage you would like your log-in account to be deleted please contact us at : You can withdraw at any time.

If you have any feedback or technical problems regarding the site we encourage you to report by providing Feedback.